First Tellurium is committed to exploring for, and providing, green and critical metals.
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Answering the Demand for Critical Metals

First Tellurium Corp is exploring and developing tellurium projects in British Columbia and Colorado. As the world pushes ahead to develop green technologies, tellurium will continue to experience increasing demand.

“Without significant expansion of the tellurium supply capacity, shortages of Te could occur in the short term and are likely in the medium term.”

US Department of Energy Critical Materials Report – 2023

What Sets Us Apart

  1. North America’s only tellurium-focused exploration company, exploring high-grade holdings in Canada and US.
  2. Tellurium is essential for thin-film, cadmium telluride solar panels.
  3. Deer Horn Project: 17.5 square-kilometre mineral zone containing Au, Ag, Te, Cu, Mo, Bi, Zn
  4. One of few significant tellurium discoveries outside of Asia.
  5. Deer Horn includes an expanding copper porphyry.
  6. Developing tellurium-based technology incl lithium-tellurium batteries, thermoelectric devices.
  7. Unique First Nations partnership for mineral exploration in Northern British Columbia.
  8. Salmon Gold partnership restoring salmon habitat, selling gold to Apple and Tiffany.

Exploring Responsibly.
Leveraging Diverse Partnerships.

We’ve built a bold new approach to mineral exploration. Our model is to generate revenue and investor value through mineral discovery, project development and cooperative access to untapped mineral regions with sustainable exploration and strong, mutually beneficial engagement with Indigenous communities.
Our polymetallic (tellurium, gold, silver, copper, tungsten) Deer Horn Project in British Columbia and Klondike tellurium-gold property in Colorado anchor a diversified search for metals, working in alliance with Indigenous peoples, NGOs, governments and leading metals buyers. This is the future of mineral exploration: generating revenue by exploring responsibly and leveraging diverse partnerships.


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Tellurium Comes First

Shortages loom, and prices are rising for the extremely rare and, by the same measure, versatile metalloid tellurium.

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