First Tellurium Elated with Milestones Achieved in 2021

Vancouver, BC, Canada, January 12, 2022 – First Tellurium Corp. (CSE: FTEL) (the “Company” or “First Tellurium”), is pleased to announce that in 2021 the Company achieved its business goals in exploration, management and financing.

The company throughout the year strengthened and expanded its exploration portfolio.

In March, the company completed its acquisition of its Klondike tellurium-gold-silver property from Colorado Klondike LLC. “The property has by far the highest Tellurium grades in rock samples of hundreds of prospects and mines examined…” The Company intends to begin exploration work in spring of 2022 on the Colorado asset.

The Company received a five-year exploration work permit from the BC Ministry of Mines and Energy to conduct exploration on First Tellurium’s polymetallic Deer Horn Property in west-central British Columbia. The Company expects to resume work at Deer Horn in the summer of 2022.

First Tellurium was able to attract multiple industry experts to strengthen its management team to meet its indicatives for 2022. These strategic recruitments included 3 world leading geologists, and a scientific expert in rare metals from earth to shelf.

On the exploration front, the company had John Keller, a veteran geologist who has originally surveyed the Kondike property for First Solar, join the team. John stated: “The Klondike property has by far the highest tellurium grades in rock samples of the hundreds of prospects and mines we examined in the US and Canada from 2006 to 2011.”

George Klemmick, a senior geologist with over 32 years in the field working as project and exploration manager brings a wealth of hands-on experience to our project. George commented, “I am most impressed with the properties held by First Tellurium.”

James Guilinger, joined the team. His Tellurium exploration and development experience spans more than 20 years. The company notes “you’d be hard pressed to find anyone with more tellurium exploration experience than Jim.”

Dr. Ojebuoboh is an expert in the recovery, chemical processing and commercial application of rare metals. “Whether your resource is in the ground, being refined, or manufactured into a finished product, Dr. Ojebuoboh is your man.”

During 2021 the company successfully closed multiple financing rounds for total proceeds of 1.8 million Canadian.

“We made remarkable progress in 2021 laying the foundations for our 2022 initiatives,” stated Tyrone Docherty, CEO of First Tellurium. “Through 2022 our team will assess additional assets that are rich in Tellurium. In the spring of 2002 we will commence exploration work on our Colorado based Kondike property and in summer of 2022 we will continue further exploration on our Canadian Deer Horn property. In 2022 we anticipate some strategic alignments with corporations that can add additional value to our corporate offering and the signing ofsome future off take agreements. I couldn’t be happier with our accomplishments in 2001 and I look forward to our achievements in 2022.”

About First Tellurium Corp.
First Tellurium’s unique business model is to generate revenue and value through mineral discovery, project development, project generation and cooperative access to untapped mineral regions in Indigenous territory with sustainable exploration.

Our polymetallic (tellurium, gold, silver copper, tungsten) Deer Horn Project in British Columbia and Klondike tellurium-gold property in Colorado anchor a diversified search for metals, working in alliance with Indigenous peoples, NGOs, governments and leading metals buyers. This is the future of mineral exploration: generating revenue by exploring responsibly and leveraging diverse partnerships.

First Tellurium proudly adheres to and supports the principles and rights set out in the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and in particular the fundamental proposition of free, prior and informed consent.

On behalf of the board of directors of
First Tellurium Corp.

“Tyrone Docherty”
Tyrone Docherty
President and CEO

For further information please contact:
Tyrone Docherty

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